You Need To Adapt To The New Normal

There is a lot going on right now. That may be a massive understatement. Really though, when is there NOT a lot going on? The Coronavirus has really caused a worldwide panic but tough times are nothing new, and they aren’t infrequent. What separates the businesses that succeed from the businesses that don’t is often the ability to adapt and the ability to look at the big picture for the long term. Those tough times? They end, and eventually more come. You can’t tuck your tail and give up every time things get difficult. You have to put in work. You learn, adapt, and move forward with new strategies.

The economy is expected to take a dive soon. That also gives it another direction to go after – UP. Just as the markets always do they will take a dip and follow up with a rise. You have to understand this. If you don’t understand this then you will give up. What may look like the end is just part of the ride. You need to strategize how you are going to take advantage of the ride back up, and you have to deal with the current situation on the ride down to stay afloat. If you simply stop trying you’ll drown.

There are many ways, right now, you can be riding that wave.

For one, the market is not dead – it has just shifted. The demand for products is still there, and people are still shopping, still ordering food, still paying for services but how they are shopping, how they are ordering food, and what services are being sought after have changed somewhat. Online sales, food delivery, and other services are HOT right now because the current, temporary market drive for them has been created by the need to social distance or stay home. Why not go after those customers?

People are home. Market to them at home! They don’t need to walk through the doors to your business. Your website, and social media pages are doors to your business as well and people “walk” through them every day – often more than actually go to your brick and mortar locations. Show your appreciation for these customers. Additionally, direct mail and email marketing campaigns are like walking up to your customer’s door. Reach out to these customers. Direct Mail (EDDM especially) is going to be an even hotter ticket than ever to reach people right now. The mail is running and isn’t going to stop. Even if people are stuck at home, they are going to check their mail, see your mailings, and keep you on their minds even if you are closed for regular business, and if you have a website or social media you can direct them there to continue business as usual. 

Customers especially appreciate coupons and offers right now. 

They want to conserve money so why not save them some cash and also gain new customers? EDDM is perfect for this. You don’t need a mailing list of names or addresses – simply pick a route that reaches the people you want. You can even target certain demographics with mailings – direct mail is a powerful and versatile tool for any business since it’s so affordable and effective. It’s great at any time but even more important right now. Print has been proven to be more effective than Email marketing too. You really can’t lose with it.

People are bored. 

In this day and age most people aren’t typically renowned for having long attention spans. You don’t want them to forget about your business during this time. You need to stay on their minds. Even better – with boredom comes SEEKING. People are still seeking entertainment and fun, and because they may be stuck at home, or all the typical entertainment venues may be shut down, they are looking more to fun purchases, products, and other things to treat themselves and pass time right now. Marketing fun products will help you, and your customers. Think of what your customers might enjoy right now, what may lift their spirits, and offer it up. People will appreciate it and it will break the monotony.

Send a gesture of appreciation.

Many companies are putting out thoughtful messages of appreciation and assurance to their customers right now. Make sure to show you are still thinking of them so they will still think of you right now, and when things get back to normal. Thank You greeting cards are popular choices right now, for the same reason as direct mail (people actually look at it), to show some love to your customers. Contact your past customers, see how they are doing. They will appreciate it – I know I do when I’ve been receiving them myself this past week. Don’t wait too long to do it either – the sooner the better. Without your customers you don’t have a business. They really love it when you offer them a freebie or a good coupon for their next visit too.

Throughout history humans have had to overcome difficulties. That will always be the case. It’s time to adapt and deal with this ‘new normal’ for a little while. This may be a great opportunity to gain useful experience and personal growth if we only utilize it properly. Just as President Trump has said – America will be fine. Don’t give up and spoil the long term over short term trouble.

-Nathan Kendrick

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Author: Nathan Kendrick

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