One Day At A Time

This is a discipline that will transform your performance. Dale Carnegie in his book “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” shared the lesson about living in day tight compartments. Here are my thoughts on that lesson.

None of us are truly in control.

When you come to accept that fact, it banishes fear and produces freedom. Any day can bring a number of circumstances and situations, mostly (if not completely) out of your control. For me, I have a peace and rest in the fact that my Heavenly Father, the sovereign Creator and Ruler of this universe, is in total control. That means that my worry and anxiety about the future is pointless and counterproductive. He’s in control, and I am not.

All of this to say this. You can only respond and act in the present moment. The past cannot change. It is best to leave the past in the past. It is counterproductive mental baggage that you can choose to drop. The future is also just imagined. It is a perception that exists between your ears. It is unknown. Your story about the future can either help you live well today or create discouragement and overwhelm. Coach Steve Chandler says that worry is a misuse of your imagination. You can choose your thoughts about the future. It is wise and helpful to plan and prepare, but once you have taken reasonable action to prepare, it’s time to get back into the present moment and live life.  The best use of your creative mind is to solve problems today, not conjure worries and fears about the future.

Life occurs now.

Now is all that you truly have. And the regrets of the past and the anxieties of the future can steal the gift of this present moment. My friend, I encourage you to live – TODAY – today. Begin this day with gratitude for yet another day of life. Life is precious. And when you lay down your head this evening to sleep, end today with gratitude. If you awaken the next morning, then God has granted you a brand new day. Start each day anew with a clean slate and a curiosity about what that day will bring. One day at a time. Day tight compartments. This is where you find peace and joy and contentment. 

-Dave Beam

Dave Beam has been helping businesses for the last 25 years.  He is owner and operator of a successful ActionCOACH Business Coaching franchise, and has a passion to assist business leaders create amazing outcomes.  He has coached over 300 businesses and corporations over the last thirteen years.

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Author: Jeff Fannin